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Related post: Select correct medication from inventory. Accurately count manually or with automation. Label product with all pertinent information Follows all 797 guidelines when working in IV lab Prepare IV admixture or other sterile product. Appropriately garb or use glove box Explain the process for handling a medication error. What do you say to the patient? Is it different if someone is injured because of the error? How do you report it and to whom? Is there any time that an error is not reported? Is Buy Cheap Calcitriol the reporting system and culture of the organization support medication error reporting without assessing blame? Explain the process for handling an adverse event. How do you know when an adverse event occurs? Where and how do you report an adverse event? Is it different in community vs. hospital? What is the difference in an adverse event and an allergy? Explains how the site uses technology Order Calcitriol to maximize medication safety within the How are product bar codes used to ensure safe dispensing? How are patients identified to ensure correct profiles are maintained? What pieces of technology are used specifically for prevention Buy Calcitriol Online of Page 37 of 111 Explains the role, duties, and responsibilities of the various personnel within the How does the role of the pharmacist differ from that of technician? What is the difference in a clinical pharmacist and staff pharmacist? Who is the PIC and what are their responsibilities? Is there a non-pharmacist manager responsible for certain aspects of the Page 38 of 111 Primary Learning Objectives � Hospital Pharmacy Part 2 of 3 Demonstrates knowledge of brand names and generic names of the top 200 Can locate and identify top 200 drugs by brand or generic name without Knows indications and strengths available of the top 200 drugs Participate in patient counseling taking into account patients hea, litleracth y, cultural diversity, behavioral issues and economic issues. How are patients counseled in a hospital? What is done differently in a hospital setting? Demonstrates knowledge of the medication reconciliation process and its relationship to the pharmacy profession. Demonstrates knowledge of confidentiality and HIPAA. What patient information can be shared with family members? What patient information can be shared with other health care providers? Where is it appropriate to speak to patient about personal information? Knowledgeable about site specific policies. Performs all duties and tasks in accordance with all legal and professional pharmacy regulations, standards and guidelines. Knows legal regulations for filling a prescription (Info required on prescription/medication order, length of time to dispense). Knows the differences between non legend drugs, controlled substances, (CII �CV), and legend drugs and what is required to dispense them. How are CII prescriptions different from other controls and how are they How are laws different in the Purchase Calcitriol Online community Calcitriol Calcium vs. institutional setting? How are laws different between prescribers? (MD/ARNP/PA) Participates in responding appropriately and accurately to drug information Answers drug information requests appropriately. Refers question to pharmacist if unsure of answer. If question cannot be answered without research, give patient or provider a timeframe when a response will be given. Knows where to retrieve information. Page 39 of 111 Primary Learning Objectives � Hospital Pharmacy Part 3 of 3 Speaks to patients or staff about a sensitive situation and provides that person feedback with a sense of care and trust. Maintains positive and pleasant demeanor. Demonstrates respect for coworkers, patients and families, colleagues and Enthusiastically accepts knowledge of medical professionals and if questions arise, maintains professional attitude, asks in private and not in front of other colleagues. Speaks pleasantly with staff and patients and does not disregard their opinions or contradict them. Always on time for experience. Contacts Calcitriol Mcg preceptor in the event of tardiness due to unforeseen Completes assigned tasks by scheduled deadlines Completes assigned tasks by scheduled deadlines Demonstrates accountability for all behaviors. Justify actions to your preceptor when asked. In the event of inappropriate language or behavior (even if unintentional), apologizes to offended individual and reflects with preceptor if guidance Adheres to SUCOP and facility dress-code Wears lab coat if required Name Badge is worn. Demonstrates confidence and a positive attitude. Answers phone and patient or staff requests without hesitation. Smiles and is Calcitriol D3 pleasant to staff and patients. Avoids gossip or conversation with negative overtones. Displays knowledge when asked. Responds positively to constructive criticism. Does not become Calcitriol 0.25 defensive when given criticism. Uses criticism to reflect and improve skills. Student has completed On-line site evaluation and preceptor evaluation This is to be completed the final week of the IPPE experience, and submitted within 5 days of completion. Preceptor has completed on-line student evaluation and discussed evaluation This is to be completed the final week of the IPPE experience, and submitted within 5 days of completion Page 40 of 111 Additional Learning Objectives- Hospital Pharmacy Part 1 of 2 THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED, Calcitriol Vitamin D Calcitriol 0.25 Mg Purchase Calcitriol THEY ARE TO BE USED AS SUGGESTED Preceptor Date ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENTS WHO MEET THE REQUIRED COMPETENCIES BEFORE THE EXPERIENCE IS OVER Demonstrates knowledge and ability in basic computer skills. Look up a patient profile. Look up doctor information. Look up drug Buy Calcitriol information. Participates, when applicable, in the preparation and compounding of an extemporaneously prepared medication or product. Compound at least two medications or ingredients into a single product. Counsels patient or staff on the use of this product. Describes the organizational structure and Generic Calcitriol chain of command of the pharmacy What company is responsible for the management of Calcium Calcitriol fiscal resources of Who does your preceptor report to? Develop a chart to show where your preceptor fits into the chain of Who make decisions for personnel, budget and inventory? When appropriate and if possible, participates in and demonstrate knowledge of Obtain a medication history for the Order Calcitriol Online pharmacist so that a review of therapy Sit in on a patient interview. Discuss with pharmacist how he/she decides what recommendations to Describe what `Itriol 0.25 Mcg criteria are used Vitamin D Calcitriol for selecting medications for hospital
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